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Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be consists of 56 distinctive meditation images, corresponding texts and exercises to use in combination with the images and texts. It is a means to find the inner peace and healing that emerges from listening to one's heart. Opening the Heart is a tool for those looking to broaden and deepen their meditative experience.


Opening the Heart provides a way for those seeking to find their heart's stories and to bring them to light as well as grounding deeply into the self. As users have said, the stunning photographs and text of the images provide a path to:


* Bring openness into your life and heart

* Go on a journey like no other

* Travel into your heart with ease

* Build a new relationship with yourself


Opening the Heart can also help you to:


* Be Mindful

* Be Heartful

* Be Compassionate

* Be Kind


Using the book is a tool for those seeking to find their hearts' stories and bring them into the light. Unique in the world of meditation and transformative experience, these images open the gateway to perceiving the self and the world from the center point of one's being.


You can find a bit more about the plants on the Plants page or by clicking on the link to the left.


The book is available in paperback as well as an ebook. It is in I-book, Kindle, and Nook versions.


Purchashing Opening the Heart


Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be can be purchased through:


Dog Ear Press




Barnes and Noble online


It is available at Dark Star Philosophia and Avalonia in Rockport, MA;  Artful Heart Gallery, Arlington, MA; The Vermont Herbal General Store, West Rutland, VT; Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, Rutland, VT; or by ordering it through the Norwich Bookstore, Norwich, VT, or from your local bookstore.




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This is an image from the book. Click here to see a sample of all the plants in the book.



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