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Are you looking for guidance? Looking for assistance on your journey through life? I can help either through Angel Readings or Life Coaching. My book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be can help you on this journey as well. (Book)

I can help you:

Find your inner dream
Build a path to bring that dream to life
Address your cares and concerns
Provide guidance from your angels and guides
Clarify your vision
See possibilities when you think none exist
Figure out what steps to take on your journey and help you keep on track on taking those steps

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I am now one of the regular, contributing authors on Off the Cuff e-magazine. I also have an article in the September issue of Fountain International e-magazine. 

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Kathryn Samuelson


Book Testimonial

Shaman Vitki, a clairvoyant shaman as well as a New Age Author of Metaphysics and Lore, Balance Your Life Path Numerology, and Runes and Lore, wrote this about Opening the Heart:

I love how the book takes the process of meditation and incorporates 56 images of nature and flowers and simple messages to help you meditate and find the balance within. Each image is associated with a simple message, but the message has a deeper meaning and complexity from which to meditate on to balance the mind and heart. Mind, body, and soul are truly connected and it is through meditation that we can find balance in our lives as well as our place within the universe. The many exercises in the book are wonderful for beginners and experts alike. The meditation exercises can be as simple or complex as you want to make them, but the author gives you plenty of detailed exercises that will help you find balance and attune with the universe. The simple complexity of this book makes it easy for me to recommend as a great resource on meditation and guide to finding universal balance and growth within one's self.

Shaman Vitki has given Opening the Heart 5 stars on Amazon and goodreads. His review was an Editor's Choice Pick on the website New Age Book Review.