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My book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be, has a number of exercises/meditations in Part 3 that you can do using the meditation images in Part 1 of the book. You can, of course, meditate on the meditation images or the expanded text in Part 2 of the book without doing the exercises in Part 3.


I have created some additional meditations since the publication of the book. These additional meditations are Igniting the Divine Spark Within and Plant Spirit Meditations. Please click on these links or go to the links on the left to do these meditations.



Want to gift someone a Channeled Angel Reading? Email me and we can work out the details.


You can read Testimonials about my services and Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be here or try a meditation here. Remember, Opening the Heart makes a great gift.


Please visit my blog, Musings, Poetry & Such


I was privileged to be able to give a talk called Adventures in Self-Publishing at the Norman Williams Library in Woodstock, VT. Click here to watch the video.


This is an image from the book. Click here to see a sample of all the plants in the book.



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