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I began to feel the call to explore the spiritual and then the metaphysical quite some time ago. I practiced law in Illinois, but felt called to move to Massachusetts along with the call to explore this other side of life. I decided to follow this path of spiritual seeking and work, including working as an Intuitive and a certified Life Coach once I was settled in Massachusetts. I am now living in Vermont and continuing to pursue the work that I love so much.


During my time in Massachusetts I was led to create (along with my Angels and Guides) the book called Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be.


As an Intuitive, I give Channeled Angel Readings using Automatic Writing (called Spiritual Writing by some), a practice I have engaged in since 1993. I connect with our collective Angels and Guides during a reading, and they use the writing as the method for giving me the information and guidance that they wish to provide you. I conduct the readings in a non-judgmental way, all in a safe and loving environment.


I was certified by the University of New Hampshire as a Life Coach in 2007, and I have been offering my services as a Life Coach since then. I am open to helping all clients to whom I can be of service; however, I am deeply interested in helping those undergoing transitions, changes and transformation. I strongly believe that all the transitions, changes and transformations I have undergone provide me with a deep base of empathy and knowledge from with to help my clients.


I bring empathy and insight to my practice using using the particular techniques that most benefit my clients. I also bring the analytic skills that I honed while a practicing attorney into play. The combination of my skills and training allow me to ask the questions that need to be asked and to provide support and guidance to my clients.


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You can read Testimonials about my services and Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be here or try a meditation here. Remember, Opening the Heart makes a great gift for any occassion, any time of the year.


Please visit my blog, Musings, Poetry & Such


You can listen to one of my radio show appearance on The Farkas Files here. You can link to other radio shows on which I have been guest on my Media page.


The image below is from my book. Click here to see a sample of all the plants used in the meditation images in the book.



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