Media Appearances


These are the links to some radios shows that I have been a guest on. I hope you enjoy listening to them. I have been on other radio shows as well as a number of CATV shows that I have not put links up for. 


2/15/19 - Robert Sharpe's Bringing Inspiration to Earth - Opening the Heart


11/16/17 - The Farkas Files - Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil


9/21/17 - Why I am so Happy with Paula Vail


7/31/17 - Into the Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi


4/6/17- The Farkas Files - Honestly Psychic


3/21/17 -  Norman Williams Public Library talk: Adventures in Self-Publishing


12/7/16 - Amy Toy's show, Intuitive Insights


10/13/2016 - The Farkas Files - The Trouble with Psychics (what to look for when looking for a psychic)


4/2016 - Nancy Ferrari's Live Your Soul Destiny


2/18/2016 - Web Weavers

(Note: You will need to scroll down to find my name, and then click on Listen Here. The interview starts about 5 minutes in.)


2/7/2016 - Spaced Out Weekend


1/21/2016 - The Farkas Files - Both, Not Either/Or


10/29/2015 - Cowboy Wisdom


8/6/2015 - The Farkas Files - What Happens When You Meditate


8/7/2015 - Exploring Energy - Meditations on Beauty


6/25/2015 - The Farkas Files - Angels and Guides


6/24/2016 - S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio


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You can listen to one of my radio show appearance on The Farkas Files here. You can link to other radio shows on which I have been guest on my Media page.


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