Energy  Block Meditation


Please settle yourself comfortably in a chair, on a cushion or even laying down. Breathe deeply in and out. Scan your body to see where you feel stuck. "Sit" with this stuckness after you find it. Ask yourself the following questions:


Does it have a texture?

Does it have a color? 

Does it have a smell perchance?

Is there some other notable characteristic of this blocked energy?


You are working, in essence, to discover how this stuckness or blocked energy manifests itself.


You can then ask it questions:


Do you have a name?

Why were you created?

What do you need from me to transform into a positive, healing and beneficial energy?


It may take several tries to receive all this information, or it may come to you immediately. 


Once you have the information, meditate on bringing the blocked energy what it needs to transform. You can monitor it's texture and color as you work with it. You can even see if it begins to flow. It may just be a healing presence or it may flow as well. You can ask it its name again when you sense it has transformed.



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