Plant Spirit Meditation


The background plants in Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be are chicory, honeysuckle berries, loosestrife, rose, and water lily. (Please go to the Plants page to see samples if you do not yet have the book.)


The spirit of plants can teach us much, can help us to reach deep within to find new knowledge. In doing a plant spirit meditation, pick one of the plants to work with, then choose one of the meditation images with that plant as its background. Using the meditation, go deep within to your heart asking what the plant spirit wants you to know.


When you are finished, I suggest that you journal, draw and/or collage about what you received.


In addition to the general directions, please do the following in relation to each plant.


Chicory: Please connect to the part of your heart that is boldy open to the world, that acts as a transmitter and receptor.


Honeysuckle berries: Please connect with the seeds in your heart that want to be watered and nourished.


Loosestrife: Please meditate on how we filter and do not filter at the same time, how we are separate and connected at the same time.


Rose: Please meditate on the vibrancy of the rose and how it puts this vibrancy out into the world. Meditate on the vibrancy that exists in your heart and how it feels to be in the world without hesitation.


Water Lily: Note how the water lily grows out of mud, through water and into the air. Please connect with the mud or place of nourishment in your heart. Please grow outward into the sun as you meditate.



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