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The four of the most important things that I can help you with are:


1. Learning that the question is often not why but rather why not.

2. Knowing that it is ok to make yourself and your journey a priority.

3. Learning to listen to your heart so that you will discover who, what, why, when, how, and where you want to be.

4. Changing the language that you use to describe your story, thereby changing the story you tell about yourself.


We then take all this (and more) to help you reach your goal. I act as the guide to your inner dream by helping you on your journey to bring it into the world.


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You can listen to one of my radio show appearance on The Farkas Files here. You can link to other radio shows on which I have been guest on my Media page.


You can read Testimonials about my services and Opening the Heart: Mediations on How to Be here or to try a meditation here. Remember, Opening the Heart makes a great gift for any occassion, any time of the year.


The image below is from the  book. You can see more samples from the book here as well as a list of what plants are in the book under the Book tab.



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