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"I love how the book takes the process of meditation and incorporates 56 images of nature and flowers and simple messages to help you meditate and find the balance within. Each image is associated with a simple message, but the message has a deeper meaning and complexity from which to meditate on to balance the mind and heart. Mind, body and soul are truly connected and its through meditation that we can find balance in our lives as well as our place within the universe. The many exercises in the book are wonderful for beginners and experts alike. The meditation exercises can be as simple or complex as you want to make them, but the author gives you plenty of detailed exercises that will help you find balance and attune with the uiverse. The simple complexity of this book makes it easy for me recommend as a great resource on meditation and guide to finding universal balance and growth within one's self." Shaman Vitki, a clairvoyant shaman and author of Metaphysis and Lore, Balance Your LIfe Path Numerology, and Runes and Lore. Shaman Vitki made Opening the Heart an Editor's Choice book on New Age Books Review.


"Opening the Heart images give you the direct way to think with your heart, which is where all great and meaningful messages resided. These 56 flower images put you in the flow of your own apotheosis to the blossoming of who your are meant to be! Flowers speak; Listen." James Wanless, author and creator of The Voyager Tarot and Sustain Your Life card sets


"Kathryn's book, "Opening the Heart" is a very profound yet simple way to open yourself to the powers and potential that is inside you waiting or even dying to come out! You really have to read the simple words and sit with what you've just learned to appreciate the potential of this book!" Mary Jo Brigs, Holistic Health Coach, Spiritual Guide, Light Woker, giveted writer, free spirit and blogger at


"I love this book! I have it on my living room table as it is one of those books that you always want to have in reach to read over and over again. Whenever I have friends come over I introduce them to Opening the Heart. Their reponse is always the same: "what a great book!" Opening the Heart is one of those books that you're happy to have found. If you don't own the book yet I suggest that you buy it. Don't put it on your book case after you have read it. Put it in a place where you can see it." Cliff Aguirre, author of The Death Transition


"Kathryn Samuelson's book "Opening the Heart-Meditations on How to Be" is a must read for those who can use some inspiration in their meditation and mindfulness. I have been challenged in understanding ways to have meditation make an impact on my life. I followed the simple instructions and did the journaling, inspired by Kathryn's meditations and exercises. The peace and hopefulness, immediately flowed into my being...what an awesome feeling! "Opening the Heart" is a wonderful addition to everyone's well-being!"

Karen Stultz, Certified Integrative Wellness, Prosperity & Wellness Coach and Hypnotherapist







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