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"Do you ever wonder whether you're on the right path in life? I did and decided to do something about it. I booked an Angel Reading. My Intuitive Angel Reading was a really nurturing, loving experience....Kathryn is that kind, funny person that you joke with on the grocery line. She makes it very easy to understand and deeply engage because she's so real. I'd have a beer with her any day....I appreciated how non-judgmental Kathryn was about my questions and concerns. Nothing phased her and I never felt uncomfortable or misled....Should you consider partnering with Kathryn as your Intuitive? Absolutely." Dina Eisenberg, Productivity and Automation Expert,


"As an intuitive counselor, I found Kathryn Samuelson's manner refreshing in the way that she delivers information. The guidance was clear and to-the-point, and I was very pleased with the outcome of our session. Additionally, I was impressed with Kathryn's life coaching skills. The thought-provoking questions she raised and the soul-searching exercises she gave me provided direction and an awareness which brought new meaning to situations and events stored in my memory. Kathryn's style is gentle yet assertive, caring yet objective. She is a gifted individual. I would gladly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking to better themselves through the life coaching or intuitive counseling services she offers." Claudette Paradis


"My life coaching sessions with Kathryn were amazing. She listened to my concerns with sincere interest. My life seemed so hectic with work, family, and a possible business idea, but Kathryn helped me to put everything into perspective. I feel more clear and content. She is truly compassionate about her work and is very gifted with helping others." Raeanne Tremblay, Massage Therapy and Skin Care,


"I want to thank you for your incisive and warm reading that I received from your "Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be" workshop....the journey that I went on was unlike any other. I actually could follow your guidance very easily and made it fun! I saw visions. What I found to be the best part of the of the workshop was the fact that I was able to travel into my heart with ease. As soon as you guided me into opening my heart, it was like I was in another world. Another world we all have inside of - feelings of love and joy." Barbara Moura, Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, 978-790-6816


"I had the pleasure off taking part in one of Kathryn's Opening the Heart workshops. First, I must say that Kathryn is really full of love and just down to earth. She has a heart that is full and she is there to offer her insight through the wonderful meditation images that she and Linda Lewis created. She walked us through a few meditations with the images that were picked and even if we weren't the ones picking the images that messages clearly were all for those that attended the workshop that day. What was wonderful was the openness that the meditation and images brought forth in the group. I suggest to all that may be considering signing up for here workshop to do so. Kathryn always brings wonderful energy to any gathering I have to with her as the preseneter or as a participant. Carol McDermott


"I reached out to Kathryn because I enjoyed her positive posts in a Facebook Group we were both in. I never did an Angel Reading before, but intuitively knew it was something I needed to do. Things were incredibly stressful in my personal life and I wasn't sure about the direction of my business. I wanted some answers and for once, I didn't want to work so hard searching the depths of my soul to find them.

When our reading began I was a bit nervous, but Kathryn quickly put my mind at ease and empowered me to be open and ask anything I wanted to know about. So I did. I asked about personal and business items - the personal answers were validating to hear processed. I got some tangible ideas that I quickly implemented which made things in my life more calming.

The clarity I got out of our business discussions instilled more confidence in my abilities and my direction. I received some insights into where to focus my energy and even received a BIGGER vision about my purpose. Putting those areas into practice I now work less hours every week and make more money. Since that first reading, I've gone back to Kathryn for numerous reasons - both for personal and professional insight. I find her work so valuable, especially with the spiritually-gifted, highly sensitive coaches I work with - that I now also included her readings as a bonus feature with my Holistic Mastermind Group participants.

If you're thinking about working with Kathryn - make the call. She's a genuine soul who has a special gift that helps you beyond measure."
Lisa M Sarnowski, Business Artist & Truth Leader for Highly Sensitive Coaches,

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