Welcome to the beginning of the journey of finding yourself and your place in the world.

Are you looking for:

The creation of steps to reach your goals?
Help in keeping yourself on track?
Finding inner knowledge and peace?
Assistance in grounding deeply within yourself?

I can help:

Bring you guidance from your angels and guides
Aid you in the search for the knowledge held in your heart
Support you in your journey to bring about transformation and change
Aid you in learning to live in hope and from the heart
Help you see possibilities
Help you to live in a grounded and mindful way

I would love to aid you on your quest. Please read more about me and my services on the About, Angel Readings, and Life Coaching pages of this site.

Also, please check out the Book page for information about the book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be, as well as the Opening the Heart page for information about the Opening the Heart workshops.

(Please note: I recently discovered a typographical error that needed to be changed. The paper version of the book has been revised, but the e-book version revision will take about another 3 weeks. If you want to buy the e-book now, please note that the reference to meditation image on page 125 should be to image 41 and not image 44. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Kathryn Samuelson